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Mint Salon Menu Design

Welkin Tech takes pride in unveiling a transformative project in collaboration with Riya Shah, enhancing the visual identity and user experience for Mint Salon through a revamped and dynamic salon menu.

Project Highlights:

Strategic Design Overhaul:
Recognizing the importance of a visually appealing and informative salon menu, Welkin Tech undertook a strategic design overhaul. The result is a menu that not only communicates the range of services but does so in a visually engaging and cohesive manner.

High-Quality Imagery and Icons:
Elevating the aesthetic appeal, we curated high-quality images and icons that accurately represent the diverse services offered by Mint Salon. The use of vibrant visuals adds a touch of sophistication to the menu, capturing the essence of Riya Shah's commitment to excellence.

Gender-Specific Menus:
Understanding the unique preferences and needs of male and female clients, we designed two separate menus. This thoughtful approach ensures that clients easily navigate and find the specific services tailored to their preferences.

Dynamic and User-Friendly Format:
The Mint Salon Menu is not just an informative document; it's an experience. We implemented a dynamic and user-friendly format that allows clients to effortlessly explore the range of services, making informed choices with ease.

Project Information


Riya Shah


Ahmedabad, GJ




40 Days



Challenge & Solution

Challenge: Transforming a Basic Menu into a Visual Showcase
The challenge was to transition from a basic and utilitarian menu to a visually appealing showcase that reflects the Mint Salon brand and entices clients.

Solution: Strategic Design and Curation
We approached the challenge with a keen understanding of Mint Salon's brand identity. By strategically curating high-quality imagery, icons, and organizing services in a clear and intuitive layout, the menu now stands as a visual representation of Mint Salon's commitment to style and sophistication.

Welkin Tech is thrilled to have collaborated with Riya Shah in enhancing the Mint Salon experience through an upgraded and visually stunning salon menu. This project embodies our dedication to delivering not just solutions but experiences that resonate with clients and their audience.

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